Monday, June 1, 2009

I AM...

Last night we hosted "Springfest", a dinner theatre to raise money for L'Arche Cape Breton. Original entertainment - song, dance, and theatre - was created and presented by members of L'Arche and was meant to share a bit of who we are with the world around us. We shared about love, grief, laughter, and celebration, about relationships that transform and about the value of every person.

At the end of the evening we presented a video featuring six of our people sharing about themselves. I think that those seven minutes were a profound experience of insight and transformation for many of the 200+ people at the Judique Hall last night. Watch the video at the link below, and I think you will understand the comment that one of the guests made to me last night. He was a 65+ year old man, born and raised in Inverness County, likely not someone who "emotes" very well or very often. But after the video he spoke to me with an obvious lump in his throat and said, "The people in that video, they were telling the truth." Well said.

Now click here and watch the video.

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